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The surreal and not-so-real

Finally back on home soil and my head is still somewhere up in the clouds. Our whirlwind trip to Canada and USA literally left me spinning. I don’t really know where to start… or where to go from that point for that matter, so I’ll keep it brief.   The little shows I did in […]


Fall to (Below) Zero

Today is our fourth day in (freezing) Toronto and despite sometimes subzero temperatures I’m finding myself warmed by the lovely and passionate people here. I did my showcase on Fri night at the Tranzac Club, an Aussie & NZ club in the city. The showcase was presented by Sounds Australia and New Found Frequency. I’m […]


Oh Canada

It’s nearly 2am Thursday morning Vancouver time… around 8pm Thursday night Newie time. Either way, I’m feeling very sleepy. But inspired. What a beautiful place this is. We’ve only been here a couple of days so far.. it’s extremely cold but sunny and the city and the people are enough to wipe away the winter […]