Fall to (Below) Zero

Today is our fourth day in (freezing) Toronto and despite sometimes subzero temperatures I’m finding myself warmed by the lovely and passionate people here.

I did my showcase on Fri night at the Tranzac Club, an Aussie & NZ club in the city. The showcase was presented by Sounds Australia and New Found Frequency. I’m hoping to post some links and photos here soon as I get some time (might be a few days yet).

The gig was great… I was very humbled to be in the company of some great Aussie artists, including An Horse (who you might have seen recently on Letterman). I met some great people and even saw some familiar faces which was awesome.

Yesterday we attended some of the CMW conference seminars. There are people here from so many different areas and levels of the industry. It’s interesting and quite daunting at times. I’m always fascinated (and mildly amused) by the way people speaking at these events try to analyse and quantify things that are so abstract and subjective. Everyone has different theories, models and measures for why and how music is what it is and does what it does and very few are prepared to admit that there really are no black or white answers; no right or wrong… Only individual emotions and connections, all of which are random, intangible and incalculable. But I guess that’s a whole other blog…

Went to Niagara today to do the tourist thing. Tomorrow is a show day… open jam at the Free Times Cafe… then onto Texas on Tuesday. We’ve already met a lot of people at CMW who are heading to SxSW so should be fun.

Before I sign off… two small notes:

When I say ‘we’, I’m referring ofcourse to Mike (my father and part-time manager) and myself. I asked Mike to join me on this tour because I’m really terrible at the whole networking thing and he has, shall we say, a gift for it. He also has a nice broad Aussie accent which some Canadians and Americans find endearing (the key word being ‘some’).

Secondly, in the title of this blog I allude to the title of a new song demo (Fall to Zero) – one of four I recorded in the week before heading to Canada. I’m contemplating posting a couple on myspace… Will let you know if that happens.

Till then… stay warm.



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Glad to read that you enjoyed your visit to our fair city despite the cold temperatures. Interesting to hear your take on the music industry people at the seminars. How did you like Niagara Falls? Take any pics? Yeah, and I love the Aussie accent! You’re welcome back here any time, and yes, that is an open invitation.

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