Launch link and July tour highlights

What am I doing here? August?! You’re kidding me right…

Hard to believe so much has happened in the seemingly short time between now and my last post. The EP launch is creeping up quickly and I’ve barely had time to reflect on the whole process. We wrapped up recording just shy of my July tour, with Gareth (producer of the EP) flitting off to the UK for a short while before rejoining me for the upcoming launch in September.

That’s right, unlike all other shows this year, the launch will see some of the amazingly talented musicians who graced the recording joining me onstage! I’m uber excited.

I’m pleased to say, it’s all happening on Wednesday 9th September at Lizottes Newcastle!

The night will also feature a set by The Midnight Dailies (Gareth Hudson and Matt Aubrey) as well as captivating Sydney artist Tully (see my tour notes below – he made quite an impression on me at the show in Canberra in July).

And if you are still looking for an excuse to come along, it’s worth it just to see this lovely new venue that is getting lots of great feedback and community support.

Not only can you book online, but you can even select your table. Just visit

Now about that last tour…

For your ease of reading (and my ease of typing) I’ve reduced what could have been a tour diary into a single entry:

It was just as I wanted it to be… a ‘teaser’ for the EP and a chance for the songs to air after their stint in the studio.

I began in my beloved hometown of Newcastle, playing alongside Jason Lowe and Maxine Kauter at The View Factory. Highlights– the HIMH “fan club”, Maxine’s story of a yellow piano, some interpretive dance in the audience… and ofcourse some lovely lovely music.

Next up was Sydney’s Fringe Bar, where the front row consisted of several people languishing on a large leather sofa. This was definitely my kind of show. Highlights – Beautiful venue, familiar faces, Katie the roadie.

Then it was south to Canberra. The first show was in the heart of the city at Hippo Bar as part of the Canberra Musician’s Club weekly Domus Adultus showcase. Highlights – gracious performers, fiery cocktails.

The following night was at the Merry Muse. This was probably my favourite show of the tour, where I was made to feel more than weclome by an extremely respectful audience. I was also joined by two other “coasties” – Hayden French and the lovely Tully, whose performance transported me somewhere otherwordly. Show highlights – awesome audience, … did I mention Tully? Other highlights – Eilieen and Tony, Vietnamese food, red wine and telling stories about story-telling.

8 hour drive to Melbourne – not a highlight.

Comforted by the fact that it led me to the home of a good friend living in the city and working in film special effects, specifically as a pyrotechnician (possibly every man’s dream). Spent Saturday night and Sunday morning riding around the city on his motorcycle, eating great food and being educated on the complexities or fine Tequilla (100% agave)… not at the same time ofcourse.

The last show of the tour was at the very groovy Elwood Lounge where I was treated again to the company of some great people. I felt so at home there that I will actually be returning in Septemer. Happy days. Highlights – CC and crew, people taking photographs of themselves in front of the stage, the look on the manager’s face when he thought the police were there to see him.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the shows or supported in other ways.

My September mini-tour dates will be announced very soon! Stay tuned.



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