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Interview and single review – Newcastle Mirage

By Laura Kebby

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Amy recently released her latest single ‘Ten Years’, which has been doing incredibly well, reaching sixth on the Triple J Unearthed ‘Roots’ chart. I’ll make a point here, as someone who religiously goes through all the Unearthed tracks: literally thousands of songs are uploaded every week from all around Australia, so yes, this is an extremely big deal. The track itself is, of course, brilliant. The seasoned singer/songwriter’s latest single is layered with echoes, body percussion and brilliantly complimentary electronica, with an overarching traditional folk tone propelling the track forward – both lyrically and melodically. Each element intertwines so specifically, highlighting both mystery and wonderment, and a new meaning is revealed with each and every listen.

Live Review – The Standard, Sydney

Timothy Scarfe – Drum Media

… The fantastic Amy Vee … played an excellent set in full band mode. The first thing that strikes you about Amy, apart from her amazingly husky vocals, is the confidence of her songwriting. There has always been an ethereal quality to her live sets, and it’s good to see this hasn’t been lost with the addition of a full band. No instrument was overplayed, and there is a minimalism in the tracks that allow her voice to rest nicely on top. Playing songs off her debut solo album, Fits And Starts, the beautifully arranged tracks left the near capacity crowd at The Standard in no doubt that this would be an album to watch out for, and one which will hopefully launch Amy to an even wider audience.

“Sleeping Dogs Lie” EP Review

Jennifer Peters – The AU Review

Distancing herself from the sizzling, electrified approach of her pop-rock outfit The Virtues, Newcastle’s favorite rock-chick Amy Vee has swapped her searing electric guitar for fingerpicked, nylon-string acoustics for her first solo foray, the recently released EP Sleeping Dogs Lie.

A fine, folk-infused collection of acoustic songs, the five tracks present on the record carry Vee’s signature warm, nocturnal vocal delivery, with the slower, unhurried pace and laid-back delivery lending her songs an often melancholic feel, even when she exercises her wry and ready sense of humor.

Meandering through Sleeping Dogs Lie, listeners will find Vee accompanied only by a lilting acoustic guitar, thumping double bass and her melodic voice, often double-tracking her vocals, to create an effect of spaciousness inside her beautiful songs.

Long-time fans of The Virtues’ signature eclectic rock musings may find Vee’s change in direction hard to digest, with her gentle lyrics of love and life more reminiscent of the world-weary folk ruminations of Joni Mitchell than the howls of classic female rockers, such as Debbi Harry and Chrissy Hynde, that she once evoked.

Along with Laura Marling, Emmy the Great, Lisa Mitchell and Florence and the Machine, Amy Vee has made a sterling contribution to the recent surge of female-fronted folk music with this lovely little EP.

Taking the songs of Sleeping Dogs Lie to live audiences around Australia and the UK later this year, audiences can expect wonderful performances from Amy Vee, a truly impressive yet grounded Australian singer.

Live Review – The Cuban Bar, Camden UK

Lou Stevens – Wohomusic

I met up with Amy Vee on the twelfth date of her 14 date UK tour. A busy schedule for a stay of only 28 days, that has seen her travel the length and breadth of the country. Tonight’s venue was a themed bar nestled amongst the markets of London’s trendy Camden – a drinking hole adorned with Che Guevara pictures and Latin American knick-knacks.

Amy had agreed to let me interview her so after initial greetings and introductions, we chatted above the din of The Cuban’s clientele. Realising that we would never hear each other over the noise, we wandered out to the side of the bar, drinks in hand, to find a spot quiet enough to record. Amy was easy to talk to and her answers were insightful and honest. A confident yet humble character, Amy refreshingly lacked an over inflated ego. I suppose I could say that Amy Vee is just like any other normal person. However, when she starts to sing, you realise that this demure Australian is anything but ordinary.

Her set at The Cuban consisted of five or so songs spanning her career from her time with The Virtues all the way up to her new EP – Sleeping Dogs Lie. Accompanied by guitar, melodica and the occasional vocal loop, this was as stripped back as it could possibly be and it demonstrated just how accomplished an artist Amy truly is.

Amy sings with a clarity that is rarely heard nowadays. Her voice floats through the air and washes over you leaving an indelible imprint of the purity her vocals provide. Lyrically, Amy manages to connect with one’s heart; soul even. Both uplifting and melancholic, she uses her song writing skills to communicate what so many of us can’t.

As the night came to an end, I walked with Amy along Camden High Street towards the nearest Tube station, chatting as though we had known each other for a lot longer than the 3 or 4 hours it had actually been. It was a fitting end to what was a fantastic evening and one that I will remember for a long time.

“Sleeping Dogs Lie” EP Review

Nick Milligan – Reverb Magazine

Having built a live following as the singer of smouldering rockers The Virtues, Amy Vee is returning to her roots as a solo folk singer with Sleeping Dogs Lie. This intimate five-track release is sparse and minimalist, Vee’s voice and guitar occasionally picking up a string part like a sleepy hitchhiker.

Opening with the slinking gallop of ‘Enough For Now’, Vee’s sweet, breathless vocals are as playful as they are wistful. There’s a dreamy introspective quality to tracks like ‘Borrowing From Thieves’ that make the whole release feel like it was recorded one early, reflective morning as the sun is rising.

It’s a truly beautiful EP and repeated listens reveal lyrical gems that sparkle like droplets of water in the sunlight. Here’s to the ongoing evolution of Amy Vee.

Interview on 102.9 KOFM

With David & Tanya, 7 June 2013