Recording… touring… and letting go

There’s nothing quite like the sense of something new…

Last week we locked in some dates for pre-production and tracking of my new record and I can’t wait to get started. I feel very fortunate to be working with fellow Novocastrian and composer/producer Gareth Hudson (not to be confused with Garth Hudson of The Band, who some people recently told me they thought I was working with! Now that might be some wishful thinkin.)

My writing has really started taken on a life of it’s own… literally. It’s hard to explain, but it has been like this big ‘letting go’… just going with wherever the songs take me rather than the other way around. It’s incredibly liberating. Anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that I am a total control freak, ESPECIALLY when it comes to music, so this is all new territory for me and I’ve gotta say… I’m loving it.

We’re also currently planning a bunch of tour dates around July and September heading south towards Melbourne and Adelaide respectively. It’s been a while since I did a proper road trip so I’m really looking forward to getting out and sharing the new tunes around.

Sydney friends can get a pre-tour teaser on May 17 at the Roxbury Hotel in Glebe. This is an early Sunday evening “dinner and show” and at the recession-busting door price of only $5 how can you go wrong? 😉

Talk soon…



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You can totally count on my recession busting presence at The Roxbury! And I’ll be sure to bring on a million and one friends too… [failing a million and one, possibly 6-8! hahaha!]

Big hugs and can’t wait to hear the new stuff… go check out my new song “Now I Know” – just uploaded it to my My Space.

Hugs and peace, sister!
xxx Kristen

To answer a couple of questions from my lovely readers… The gig on 17 May is called Sounds on Sunday and is at the Roxbury Hotel, 182 St. Johns Road, Glebe. The show starts at 6pm and I’ll be up first so get there early! Alas, no, the $5 does not include a meal, but from what I’ve heard the meals are nice and reasonably priced 🙂


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